Recurring gift email notifications

When you set up a recurring gift, you'll receive an email notification for the following situations:


Upcoming donation

You will receive an email several days before your recurring payment is processed. You don't need to take any action unless you want to cancel the gift before it's processed. The email will include a link to cancel the gift. 


Last Gift

You'll get an email letting you know when your upcoming recurring gift is the last. If you don't take any action, your recurring gift will stop processing after the last gift. If you'd like to continue giving a recurring gift, just set up a new recurring gift. 


Expiring Card

You have two options depending on your new card.

  1. If the new card will have the same number, we will automatically update it for you and you do not need to do anything.
  2. If the card number will be different, there is a link within the email you can use to update your information. We provide this link for convenience, but you can also update the card by signing in to your account on the web or in the app and updating the card information on file.

The message is sent out in advance to give you time to make the update or any changes before your next payment.

Recurring Card Declined

The email will include a link you can use to update your information. Alternately, you can log in on the web or in your app to update the card information on file and update your recurring payment.