Stop a recurring gift

You can stop a recurring gift anytime by logging into your giving account:

  1. Navigate to the organization's giving page online or in the app
  2. Click on the profile avatar
  3. If you are not signed in, sign in with the email and password used for your initial sign up.
  4. Click Recurring Gifts
  5. Select the gift you would like to discontinue and select Discontinue


If you have received an email alerting you about an upcoming recurring gift but you want to stop it, you can use the link within the email to change or cancel your recurring gift before it is processed. Alternately, you can log in on the web or in your app to make these changes at any time. The email reminder is sent out in advance to give you time to cancel the gift before it is processed.

If your gift has already been processed, see this article to learn how to request a refund.